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The name fenugreek or foenum-graecum is from Latin for "Greek hay". The plant's similarity to wild clover has likely spawned its Swedish name: "bockhornsklöver" as well as the German: "Bockshornklee", both literally meaning: "ram's
horn clover".


Botanical Name

Part Used
Trigonella foenum-graecum L
Harvesting Season
Hotness Scale
Feb, March
Flavour : powerful ,aromatic and bittersweet, like burnt sugar. There is a aftertaste, similer to celery or lovage.r to celery or lovage
Packing : 18 kgs/25 kgs /40 kgs in Jute or HDPE Bags Or As per buyer’s Requirement
Labelling : As per buyer's requirement


Jabs shipping different grades, as per the buyers requirement.


Fenugreek seeds yields both a herb and a spice. India and Egypt are Primary countries of origin.


Home Remedies

  1. Fenugreek seeds helps to control type I and II diabetes.
  2. It reduces high serum cholesterol.
  3. This seeds relieves constipation may be because the seeds contain a gum which when mixed with water expands in the gut and adds bulk to the stool.
  4. It can be prescribed to nursing mothers to increase their milk production.
  5. Since fenugreek seeds contain chemicals (diosgenin and estrogens isoflavones) similar to the female sex hormone oestrogen is considered as a potent menstruation promoter (menstrual discomforts), minimise symptoms
    of menopause.
  6. Fenugreek sprouts can be incorporated in your salads to help to minimise these problems.


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