Code of Business Conduct

Code of Business Conduct


Code Concern



Protecting InformationJabs New Certificate

Protects the confidential information of the company, customers and the supplier. The Company has the access to confidential information as part of the business relationship and doesn’t share this information with anyone unless authorized to do so by customers or the supplier.


Compliance with Laws and RegulationsJabs New Certificate

The Company ensures to conduct the business in accordance with high standards of ethical behavior under all applicable laws, rules, regulations and industry standards, including those relating to antitrust and competition, labour, worker health and safety, anti – bribery, freedom of association and the environment.


Bribery and Corruption Jabs New Certificate

The Company ensures to comply with the anti-corruption act applicable in India, as well as all local laws dealing with bribery of government officials. The Company guides and encourages to their employees, not to have practice of giving or accepting bribery.


Business and Financial RecordsJabs New Certificate

The Company shall keep accurate records of all matters related to the business. This includes the proper recording of all expenses and payments and timely payment of government dues, taxes etc.

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