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Coriander is a soft, hairless plant that grows up to 50 cm (20 in) tall. The leaves are variable in shape, broadly lobed at the base of the plant, and slender and feathery higher on the flowering stems.

Botanical Name

Part Used
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Coriander Sativam L
Leaf & Seed
The seeds are warm, mild and sweetish
As per buyer’s requirement

Jabs ships different grades, as per the buyers requirement.

Home Remedies
  • Inflammation and swelling on body – Take equal quantity of vinegar, coriander powder, make a paste and apply it on any affected body part. This will help in easing out inflammation and will reduce swelling as well..
  • Nose bleeds – Applying green coriander leaves paste on the head helps in stopping nose bleeds.
  • Malaria – If a person feels cold and suffers from fever regularly, then taking coriander powder and saunth (dry ginger powder) in equal quantity helps recover quicker. Take 5 gram of this mixture with water four times a day.
  • Stomach ache -Take coriander powder, add sugar crystal in it and have this mixture with a glass of water. Inflammation in stomach or stomach pain can be eased off easily by this remedy.


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