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The mung bean is the seed of Vigna radiata native to the Indian subcontinent.It is used as a foodstuff in both savoury and sweet dishes.They are small, ovoid in shape, and green in colour


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Vigna radiata (L.) 
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Home Remedies
  • Green Mung Beans are rich source of fiber. The fiber comprises of two types, insoluble and soluble. The insoluble fiber helps to keep the digestive system healthy and reduce the problems of constipation. The soluble fiber helps to reduce the blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Green Mung Bean sprouts are rich source of Vitamin C. Vitamins are essential to maintain health and prevent diseases. Vitamin C helps to improve the immune system and keeps the common fever, sore throat, cold away. The sprouts of this bean provide excellent source of vitamin C and thus, giving the benefits of fruit too
  • Green Mung Beans are good for cardiovascular health. Eating these beans regularly helps to reduce bad cholesterol and improve the flexibility of arteries and veins. Thus, green mung beans are excellent for heart and help to regulate blood pressure to healthy levels.
  • Green Mung Beans detoxify the body and improve metabolism. In Chinese natural medicine and Indian Ayurveda, green mung beans are frequently recommended to detoxify the body and get rid of chronic illnesses. It is an anti inflammatory food and helps to heal the body.
  • Green Mung Beans helps to lose weight. These beans are low in calories and rich in fiber. Thus, eating a small cup of green mung bean soup gives the feeling of fullness. Thus, eating it regularly helps to reduce unhealthy cravings of sweet artificial foods by regulating the blood sugar levels. Hence, it helps to curb hunger pangs and bring our weight to healthy levels.


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