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Whole, ground, cracked, or bruised mustard seed are mixed with water, salt, lemon juice, or other liquids, and sometimes other flavorings and spices, to create a paste or sauce ranging in color from bright yellow to dark brown

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Brassica alba L, B. nigra K and B. Juncea L
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Home Remedies
  • Yellow mustard is regarded as an important remedy for freckles. A small amount of yellow mustard can be grinded well to prepare a paste. This paste can be applied over the spots before going to sleep and can be rinsed off in the morning.
  • Muscular Pains :- Mustard is a rubefacient which causes reddening and warming of the skin. Its plaster or paste made with water, is applied as analgesic in rheumatism, sciatica, paralysis of limbs and other muscular pains. The plaster should, however, never be directly applied to the skin as it may cause painful blistering. A layer of lint material should be put between the mustard paste and the skin.
  • Poisoning :- Mustard seeds have emetic propenies which cause vomiting. A teaspoonful of seeds, mixed in a glassful of water, generally produces free vomiting in five to 10 minutes. This is especially useful in drunkenness, narcotic and other poisonings.
  • Convulsion in Children :- A teaspoonful of powdered mustard seeds mixed in a gallon of warm water is used as therapeutic bath in convulsion of children caused by high fever.
  • Ringworm :- Mustard paste as an external application is highly beneficial in the treatment of ringworm. This paste should be applied after washing the skin with sufficiently hot water.

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